Moritz Zdekauer 1810

The porcelain of thousand stories. Since 1810.

Traditional and honest crafts with rich history. Beautiful decorations and timeless design. That is the Moritz Zdekauer's Carlsbad porcelain.

Our porcelain

Decorative porcelain

Exclusively and unconventionally decorated porcelain sets and accessories by Moritz Zdekauer which will become the overwhelming beauty element of every room. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colour motifs as well as rich decorations with platinum or gold.

Decorative porcelain

China (household porcelain)

Porcelain dishes Moritz Zdekauer of high quality for normal household use. Created for everyday use, however the traditional Czech craftwork shall never cease to amaze when on the table.

China (household porcelain)

Hotel porcelain

Give your guests the very best luxurious service. Rely on top-quality porcelain Moritz Zdekauer (designed for load-bearing operations). Comes in complete sets for hotels and gastronomy world. Because every meal can be an exceptional experience that your guests will want to encounter again.

Hotel porcelain


Discover the story of more than two hundred years old Czech tradition, reflected in every piece produced.


Benedict Haßlacher, former owner of the porcelain shop in Dalovice, buys land on the left bank of the Rolava River. Building of a porcelain mill, two buildings and a round furnace takes place. Thus, a stoneware factory in Stará Role is created.


The factory is acquired by successful Prague businessman Augustin Nowotny. Soon enough, 100 workers are being employed and products are being sold in Prague, Vienna and Pest. In 1836, Nowotny wisely predicts that the prosperity of the business does not lie in stoneware. It is therefore starting to produce more modern and superior porcelain.


The factory management is taken over by Emanuel Nowotny. It is mainly thanks to his effort that the factory reaches its present meaning and scope. The business is growing and operation is being mechanized. By 1870, 800 employees work in the factory already. However, three years later comes a crisis and all businesses are getting backlashed.


The porcelain factory is bought by the bank house Moritz Zdekauer in an auction. Export is renewed and exported goods travel to the whole of America and to Dutch market as well. In 1909, the German concern of C. M. Hutschenreuter takes over the factory. The existing brand with initials of MZ and symbol of an eagle with a crown on the products both remain preserved for its familiarity.


By the end of the Second World War, nationalization comes into place, the porcelain factory goes through several reorganizations until it is incorporated unto the national enterprise - Carlsbad porcelain.


The company goes back to private ownership. The owner of the factory is Starorolský porcelán Moritz Zdekauer, plc. Production, as it is of today, is focused on household porcelain (china), hotel porcelain, and decorative porcelain.


The company is taken over by Moritz Zdekauer 1810 Ltd. The company continues the production of Czech Carlsbad porcelain with many years of tradition. The main domain of the company is the production of exclusive decorative porcelain with gold. At the same time, the company produces Moritz Zdekauer's modern household porcelain (china) suitable not only for households but also for hotels and restaurants.

What caught your eye?

Are you an admirer of timeless white classic or you rather prefer to brighten your board with wonderfully decorated pieces? Just choose. It is up to us to ensure that only the best and honest crafts are always handed to you. We are ready to make your porcelain dreams come true.

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